Long Road Riddim

by Karamanti

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released September 3, 2018

Album: Long Road Riddim
Genre: Dancehall
Artists: Karamanti, Jemynie, Mackamilli, Ceekaih
Label: Blakkwuman22 Music
Producer: Karamanti (C.E.O. / Owner of Blakkwuman22 Music)
Mixing Engineer: Prosonic Production


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Karamanti Jamaica

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Track Name: Long Road
mmmmmm ye ye ye
although di journey long mi naa stray ye

long road me a tek ye
blood tears n sweat ye
when me short a breath ye
i still mek di trek ye

naa follow dem step ye
shortcut bring death ye
mi no have no regret ye
caa mi know me a get deh

mix me wid wah, yu mussi mad god
mi naa go dung pan mi knees fi wear no damn brand
naa violate naa go roun God plan
dis ya queen naa bow down to no man
old di order real foundation
black god not gal meditation
blood oath tek obligation
give mi life yo, no hesitation
a just greed yo not desperation
so dem cut di ting short but di ting long
dem a weak fence ini strong
neva mind dem kara sing song


dem lack mental discipline
always a compete n waa win
since a competition whola dem in
nuff a sell dem soul dem sell anything
i create mi no inna competing
one me how mi fi compete king
dem no read so dem don't know a damn ting
a follow man weh a follow man sed ting
lazy fraid a work so dem beg tings
who no beg pan dem back so dem get tings
me a work smart focus medzing
naa tek no short cut swear to God king

ye ye ye
although di journey long mi naa stray ye
pan di righteous path and a deh so me a stay ye
my life my choice me a do it my way ye