It's Up To You

from by Karamanti

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Its up to you
up to you
You can stop this at anytime

Its up to you
up to you
a your body and a your mind

So no get distracted
With di treats him a send & di vibes him a bring
When its all said and done a you in charge not him
this a no no life yo pree how you a live
listen this

Another night under stress
Him stink from di liquor and di god damn sess
Yu well waa sleep but him well waa sex
Plus Yu body inna pain from di licks weh Yu get
But you fraid caa you know how him flex
if you no let off him wi beat Yu to death
So Yu decide alright Yu ago spread Yu legs
But you still nervous no waa mek di wrong step
Question yo stop and check
You no happy so wah kind a sense dis mek
One place this a lead that a your death
So take me advice right now (exit)
cause its up to you


When you in a public
You cyaa disagree or act outlandish
caa you a no him lady is more like him kid
If you no fall in line you guarantee a fat lip
(kiss teeth) di sadest part is this
No one knows cause you never talk it
Unnu put on a show like everything Kris
But you dying inside and you physically sick
My girl yo please answer this
what is your plans whats your objective
if a love you a seek mommy this is not it
so tek mi advice right now (and make you exit)
cause its up to you


mek we pray
God me a beg you intervene right away
only you know why this woman stay
and a only you can convince har fi get away
another thing, mi understand say she fraid
but di ting weh she fear she a face every day
mi know say it deep is har mental state
she no feel she enough so she settle fi di game
but oh God please help me explain
dat anyone weh hurt har dem already stain
and if she no heal she recycle the pain
but a talk me a talk at di end a day
its up to you



from Hurt People, released June 25, 2019
• Written & Performed by Karamanti
• Beat by Arioso Legato
• Backing Vocals by Kerry Starr
• Karamanti vocals recorded at Anchor Studio (Kingston, Jamaica) by Fatta
• Kerry Starr vocals recorded at Jungle Lava Studio by Aston Hewitt
• Mixed by Lamar Thompson
• Mastered by Donald “Tixie” Dixon


all rights reserved



Karamanti Jamaica

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